• Turf or grass pavers are void pavers used for the construction of holey pavements. They are set up using concrete grids or soil enhancement technologies as the base.
  • Grass /turf pavers start on with a grid-like formation, sometimes referred to as a 'honeycomb' system.
  • Once this grid is set up, topsoil, sand and gravel are added inside the grid.
  • This helps to prevent the turf or grass from settling and collapsing from beneath itself, whilst still encouraging filtration.
  • The subsequently step is for the planting of the plant life within the grid system. The ending product is a grass or turf covered pavement structure.
  • The grid system keeps the grass roots and reduces storm water runoff, resulting in a very durable grass pavement.


Green Pave(60mm) : 300mm X 300mm

Enviro( 60/80mm) : 400mm X 600mm


X Pavers(60/80mm)

Varieties of Grass Pavers