Pimple finish - Kerb Stone

We manufacture a premium range of precast product like kerb stone that are hydraulically pressed and vacuumed-dewatered by using imported filters from a plant imported from the UK. Because of the vacuum-dewatering all these products attain outstanding strength and also have a pimple finish surface, thereby giving the products an aesthetical appearance.

  • A symbol of top quality, high strength and durability.
  • Kerb Stone also imparts great aesthetic appeal to the exteriors.
  • Kerb Stone can be used as dividers, on sidewalks, or As coping Kerb Stone comes with pimple finish and can be made available in different colours.


Full Batter Kerb

Half Batter Kerb

Bull Nose Kerb( 500x325)with hole for water drainage

Rectangular Kerb

Half Batter Kerb ( Full Body Black )

Half Batter Kerb ( Full Body White Cement Yellow )

Dimensions Tolerance

Lenght :+3mm / -3mm

Width: +1.5mm / -3mm

Thickness : +3mm / -3mm

Water Absorption : < 8% (After 24 Hours) [tabby title="Application Areas "]
  • Sidewalks
  • Copings
  • Landscape Dividers
  • Garden Dividers
  • Road Dividers

Varieties of Kerb Stone